Donal Hinely


Donal Hinely
Donal Hinely



Did you ever step inside the Famous Rocket Cage

When the Magic Carnival traveled through?

I was only nine years old but tall for my age

Looking to cheat gravity and shooting for the moon

And as he strapped me in the Carnie winked at me

He said hold on son this will all be over soon


Blasting off and spinning 'round, crashing hard back to the ground

Couldn't tell if I was up or down 'till I opened my eyes

Banging around like a rock in a can I had more fun than I could stand

I guess it ain't where you're going man, it's all about the ride

Did you ever cast your thumb out on the interstate

Like some lonely fisherman out on the sea?

Didn't know where I was going so I left it all to fate

Not a dime in my pocket I was free as I could be

And as I buckled in, the driver winked at me

she said son you'd better keep me company


Did you ever step on board a mysterious train

As it rumbled through the landscape of your mind

Last night I had a dream I was standing in the rain

With a ticket in my pocket for the Southern Central Line

And as he took my bag, the porter winked at me

He said son I ain't seen you for some time