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Folk/Americana CDs--The Americana Music Association broadly defines ‘Americana’ as “roots music based on the traditions of country...including influences ranging from folk to bluegrass to blues and beyond.” But if you get right down to it, Americana is a genre created to recognize a growing niche of consumers with taste and distinction (yes you!) who refuse to accept a musical heritage as defined by Clear Channel Media. Intuitive and intelligent (yes you!), they seek songs  with substance. Their music lives on public, college, and community radio and is spun by the last true DJs in America. The CDs in this section feature Donal Hinely on guitar and vocals joined by an impressive array of musicians and special guests including: David Henry, Will Kimbrough, Kim Richey, Mindy Smith, Fats Kaplin, Tommy Womack, Viktor Krauss, David Mead and former members of Wilco, Counting Crows, and the Edwin McCain Band.


Glass Music CDs--According to actual testimonials received here at Scuffletown Records, glass music eases stress in the workplace, restores peace and harmony on the home front, relaxes cats with ADD, helps re-create the Summer of Love (when paired with incense), eliminates unnecessary road rage, and actually increases milk production in Louisiana dairy cows. The CDs in this section feature a homemade musical instrument often called the glass harmonica. The stemware that makes up the instrument was purchased at thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales; only a few of the glasses are actually crystal. Some molding and window spline is used to secure the glasses to a well worn piece of plywood. The ethereal music is produced by rubbing a wet finger around the rim of the glass causing it to vibrate. The particular instrument used in these recordings has a two and a half octave range and is tuned by varying the water level in each glass. The CDs feature 100% organic acoustic performances and no samples were used.


Glasnots CDs--Glasnots is the enchanting music of the brothers Hinely. On the glasses is the late Terry Hinely--mentor, best friend, teacher, and the true glass master. Donal Hinely accompanies him on acoustic guitar and vocals. The CDs in this section are a mix of traditional, instrumental, and original music.

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The Famous Rocket Cage (2011)

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ATOM Records




"Featuring master musicianship from the likes of Will Kimbrough, Viktor Krauss, and David Mead, this is beautiful Americana country that speaks effortlessly and honestly to the human condition, celebrating both the heartaches and the little victories of life."

 --CD BABY Editor's Pick

Blue State Boy (2008)


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       ATOM Records

       CD Baby



On over 10 Best of 2008 lists, including Folk and Roots, The Back Porch, and Freight Train Boogie. Featuring David Henry, Will Kimbrough, Tommy Womack, Fats Kaplin, and Steve Bowman, formerly of Counting Crows.

Nashville Bulletin (2007)

CD Baby

"Literate, well sculpted countrified poetics along the lines of Robert Earl Keen, Jr."

--Joe Sixpack's Guide to Country Music

Giants (2005)

CD Baby


"One of the best albums of the year...10 out of 10"--Americana UK

"This Texas songwriter isn't afraid to use a guitar to get his message across...quality song craft."--Paste Magazine

"One of the best albums I've heard this year...I can't recommend it highly enough to lovers of pure, organic music"--Peter Ashton, Playing Out Loud, UK

We Built a Fire (2002)

CD Baby


"vivid storytelling lyrics peppered with pieces of reality that make each song memorable"--Paste Magazine

"quality songwriting...simply great"--Pop Matters Magazine

"just brilliant...has the rare ability to completely engross the listener and transport him or her to another place and time."--Dave Higgs, NPR

Breakfast at Jim's (1994)


Available exclusively on this site.

Recorded at Inside Track Studios in Denton, Texas Breakfast at Jim's is a travelogue of sorts. Every song save one was written during a year of travel through Australia, Thailand, and Europe. Featuring guest appearances by jazz great Marc Johnson and Brave Combo’s Bubba Hernandez. 

Glass Stories (2004)


CD Baby


All instrumental music featuring Donal Hinely on glass harmonica and David Henry on cello. A variety of original and traditional tunes including "Ashokan Farewell", "Lord of the Dance" and "Strawberry Fields Forever."

Ghost Fiddle Suite (2001)


CD Baby


All instrumental glass music featuring an eclectic mix of traditional and original compositions. Includes "Scarborough Faire", "Shenandoah", and "Amazing Grace."

Midwinter Carols (2000)



Traditional Christmas music performed on the glasses. Featuring "Silent Night", "Carol of the Bells", and Pachelbel's "Canon in D Major."

Re-elect the Moon: The Music of Terry Hinely and Glasnots (1997)




The final, definitive release from Glasnots featuring Terry Hinely on glass harmonica and Donal Hinely on guitar and vocals. Compiled just after Terry's death in 1997, Re-Elect the Moon is a tribute to his expansive creative talent. Selections span all five Glasnots releases from 1992-1996 and include some previously unreleased material. This CD is a fitting memorial and tribute, showcasing Terry's songwriting and musicianship.

Beggar's Dance (1996)



Recorded in one special night in September of 1996, Beggar's Dance revels in the spirit of melancholy. In one of Glasnots' highest rated CDs, traditional poems and ballads are given new life and great songs from Americana artists Joe Scutella and Rod Picott are featured. Every song is a gem on this one, but highlights include "Onion Field", "Purple Night", and "The Old House."

Mayfly Matinee (1995)



A thoughtful and somewhat ethereal effort from Glasnots, Mayfly Matinee is spirited along by the wonderful stylings of guest violinist Marsha Harvey. Featured are the songs "Leave the Light On", "Lily of the West", "These Days", and haunting remakes of "Scarborough Faire" and "Firefly Summer Night."

Quiet Thunder (1994)



Meditative and reflective, Quiet Thunder officially begins the shift in emphasis from traditional Celtic to original  material for Glasnots. Particularly memorable are the tunes "Times are Right", "Uranium", and "Dark-Eyed Sailor."

Brave Spirits (1993)



The all-time best selling Glasnots CD, Brave Spirits is a great  mixture of traditional and original tunes. Highlights include "Dry Your Eyes", "Lord of the Dance", and "Road to Marabee." World renowned jazz bassist Marc Johnson (Pat Metheny, late pianist Bill Evans) guests on a memorable remake of "The Thunder Song."

Donne Did (1992)



Glasnots' first CD, Donne Did is basically a "best of" collection from the years 1988-1992 and features some of their most requested songs like "Lakes of Pontchatrain", "Lord Franklin", and "The Thunder Song." World renowned jazz bassist Marc Johnson (Pat Metheny, late pianist Bill Evans) joins Glasnots on "Scheduled to Die" and "Coin in the Dust."